Wednesday, January 22, 2014

This Blog is Moving

This blog is moving to our unusual soldiers website.  All of the posts from this blog will be available on that website as well as new articles posted in the future.  The blog will be more intentional in coaching future unusual soldiers, independent missionaries, and other pioneer spirited Christ followers. The goal of the blog is to inspire and assist others to embark on launching movements for Christ in dark, dangerous, and despised places around the globe.

The blog is still a work in progress, but you can find it at: or

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Demolishing My Comfortzone

Dangerous Teaser from Caleb Bislow on Vimeo.

Its been said that "I jumped off the cliff" by leaving for a solo trip to Africa in 2005. My senses were on overload and the tribe I was reaching out to had recently finished a battle against its neighboring tribe over water rights.

Here is a video from that trip that I took in my tent late one night.  We had hiked a long ways that day and I was totally spent, but I decided to record what happened anyway.   With a cheap camera and a flashlight in my face, I pushed record and began to speak until...(watch  video).

 I think it's safe to say that I felt 8,000 miles out of my comfort zone, but God moved in amazing ways and my life was redefined forever.  Its been a wild ride since that moment and Im so glad now that I did not let my fear keep me from that trip.  I hope to keep demolishing my comfort zone in the future and I dare you to do the same. No regrets.

Monday, December 9, 2013

This Blog is Turning over a New Leaf

In the days ahead this blog will consist of more than stories from the field.  When this blog was made it was created to update prayer and financial supporters on my trips and events.  These stories will continue to be a part of my blog but it will also serve as guide for people that have the heart of an Unusual Soldier.  In the days ahead I will include some life/ministry lessons, some keys to surviving out in the wild, and loads of travel tips.  There is a good chance that some Unusual Soldiers training sessions and messages will emerge as well.  

Its all going to be right here and I'm holding nothing back.   Lets dare to change the world!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Here were my Big Five moments from our trip this past August

1.  Witnessing the unleashing of a movement in Maasiland.
Our team had the privilege to go to a celebration of a newly elected government official (MCA).  The master of ceremony was none other than Moses Mparia - our ministry partner and ally.  The newly elected official was a man that one of our partners had prayed for nearly a year prior.  It was such a blessing to be able to witness the answer to that prayer.  We were amazed by the thousands of Maasai that gathered, and even the Vice President of Kenya was on the schedule to be a guest speaker (arriving by helicopter).  However, he had an urgent distress call and was unable to come.  While all that was exciting, perhaps, my favorite moment was when a man was given the platform to preach to the thousands of Maasai gathered.  I was blessed, because we had trained this man years ago and here he was proclaiming Jesus to thousands of Maasai.

2. Fruition of a Vision
Our team spent some time listening for the Lord's voice before heading into the Hadzabe tribal region.  As we were praying I sensed that there was something significant about a man of the village with two daughters.  It all made sense after we spent our first day with the Hadzabe.  The most outstanding hunter of the tribe that sported baboon fur on his head was the only man with two daughters.  It was evident that he was a leader.  We gave him a really strong knife (the infamous LMF2) and spent time investing and ministering to him and those gathered.

3. Introverts Unleashed
This was the first time that I took a mostly all introverted team with me overseas.  While we were in a Datoga village it was also the first time that they all really came alive.  After days of travel and ministry it appeared that their timidity had been broken.

4. Our Rastafarian guide
It was strange to have a Rastafarian guide in the middle of Tanzania, but we would have it no other way.  Our guide for the Tanzania part of our trip quickly learned that we weren't their for tourism.  He was not a professing Christian, but he loved translating our message of hope to the people of the bush.  At the close of our time together.  He smiled and said that one day he would become a Christian, but not yet.  We didn't press him, however, we were blessed that he saw something in us that he desired.

5.  Sending Charlie out to the wild
The ultimate goal for me is to mobilize people.  As our scouting team was leaving the Hadzabe tribe with a memory, Charlie, a young man from last years team was heading in with a vision.  At only 21 years old Charlie headed in with some African partners to minister to the people of the land.  Charlie has a longstanding plan to begin a disciple making movement among this people group that has in the past chosen to reject Christianity.  Rumor has it that he is back in the states now so I will be getting the lowdown soon.

Monday, December 10, 2012


All the hype on the world ending in a couple weeks makes me laugh, but it did get me inspired to look up some 'old school' clips and songs on the end of the world.    If you want to get the real lowdown on the end of the world go to this website and look up the 11/05/00 and 11/12/00 messages that give you a quick look on the book of Revelation.

Here's to the end of the world!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Do this: Bear Grylls Survival Academy

If you have any interest in doing remote missions then UNUSUAL SOLDIERS highly recommends that you get sponsors and go through this training as a means to prep yourself.  Apply Here!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bear Grylls Survival Academy Recap

Biggest Fear Going in:
I am the kind of guy who gets cold in the middle of the summer so crossing rivers in freezing temperatures was a huge fear going in.  But I survived, and three of us (Dan and Luke) even took a frozen plunge just for fun one night.

High Points:
1. Freezing all night in our man made shelters (Yes those are high points for me).
2. Learning the Priorities of Survival from world renown mountain guides that see the value of empowering and equipping others.
3. Watching how Bear Grylls graciously interacts with the media, his team, and  his "trainees."  He is full of positive energy and is a real servant leader.
4. Eating Rat, Maggots, "sea food," and drinking my....
5.  Watching my teammate, Luke, not give up trying to  start a fire with his flint and all natural materials.  He hit a wall early in the week, but after he started the team's fire he said, "lighting this fire just made everything worth it!"
6.  Sharing with the media why survival training was so important to me.  It has a lot to do with rescuing people like this.
7.  And of course engaging in some deep spiritual conversations with nonbelievers .

Low Points
1. Failing in doing a regain on the rope crossing - but I will conquer that beast soon (with a backpack on!)
2.  Watching my mind tank in the end because I went too "rambo" in beginning  (cutting multiple trees down with a knife, refusing to eat a few packaged meals, refusing to use a sleeping bag, didn't drink enough water, not sleeping due to jet lag, etc.)
3.  Losing my water bottle right before our final 36 hour challenge and having to humbly ask someone else for a drink.
4.  Realizing that I am not in the same physical shape that I use to be.  Time to get fit again!

The Trip in One Word:
PERFECT.  From an educational standpoint it was everything that I hoped for and I am eager to pass on the teaching to others!  This training experience fits perfectly into what the ministry of Unusual Soldiers is trying to accomplish.

Bored in the Lord? (BGSA Recap)

Upcoming FCC Newspaper Article:

I think that many people avoid Christianity like a plague because they think it requires people to follow a boring list of do's and dont's.  If following Christ means us, Nebraska rednecks, transforming into a smiley Mr. Rogers, then lets be honest, its not that appealing.  But I discovered that following  after the cause of Christ is one of the most adrenaline packed adventures on the planet.  Sure we value being good moral people, but scripture also tells us that Jesus has come to give us life, and give it to us to the full (John 10:10).

Last week I was at the Bear Grylls Survival Academy in Scotland.  I am not sure how I made the inaugural team, but I got to be the first and only American on the six person team.  It was a week full of adventure, survival training, and "Man Tests".  The guides were renown mountain guides who played major roles behind the scenes of Discovery channel's, Man vs Wild.  Even Bear Grylls, himself came to train our team for a day.  We ate maggots, built shelters out of trees, made harnesses, crossed freezing rivers, climbed the mountains of Scotland, and eventually got "abandoned" on an island.  My 35 year old body tanked hard and shivered all night, but that was what made it so much fun. 

When the media was interviewing Bear Grylls, one lady turned to me and said why a "pastor" would want to  do this survival course.  I told her that it had a lot to do with my calling as a Christian to bring the hope of Christ, to dark, dangerous, and despised places.  And that this survival training was not only beneficial for myself in those areas, but it could also benefit those that live in dangerous areas every day - I think it caught the reporter off guard. I hope she made the discovery that following Christ or even being a pastor doesn't mean that we are members of a "Bored-in-the-Lord-Club."  Following hard after Christ gives believers a cause to engage that is full of love, adventure, and risk.

I was amazed at the spiritual conversations I was able to have with the other five team members.  I guess, living in the wild away from technology has a way of making people do some intense soul searching.  One student, decided to start opening himself up to Christ while another fellow student asked me for my Bible. The training I received at BGSA was fulfilling, but it was in those moments that I felt most full and alive.

Bear Grylls himself stated in his book, Mud Sweat and Tears, "Christ comes to make us free, to bring us life in all its fullness. He is there to forgive us where we have messed up (and who hasn't), and to be the backbone in our being."

If you have scrapped the idea of Christianity or church for of any number of reasons then I would encourage you to get involved with a community of Christ followers that is alive and active.  Give it everything you got and you yourself may make the great discovery that living for Christ is everything, but boring.

Friday, October 19, 2012


This is a report from the speaking event that I just had at the US Naval Academy - thank you for everyone who lifted it up in your prayers!  I had an outstanding time speaking to a group of people who fully understood the meaning of having a cause worth dying for.  The picture to the left is the "campus" chapel.  It is an amazing piece of history and I was privileged to speak at the protestant services on Sunday morning.  Here were some of the highlights from the event:
  • Hearing the heart of Chaplain Cash. He was the real deal - nephew of Johnny Cash, author of A Table at the Presence, and he served as Obama's Pastor for a season at Camp David.  His heart for the gospel was very evident. 
  • The Lord allowed me to speak at the main services about the importance of facing our fears and having courage in our faith.  After the services I discovered that Admiral Mike Mullen was there - the recently retired highest ranking military officer in the United States.  He was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and was Obama's military advisor.  He is the man behind Obama dressed in kaki in the iconic war room photo of Osama's invasion.
  • Speaking at Sunday school to a wide variety of people about the importance of intimacy with God.
  •  I had the opportunity to speak to the Midshipmen at a contemporary service on Sunday night and at a Food and Faith gathering over the noon hour on Monday.  There were many responses at both services.  Sunday night many committed to engaging people with spiritual eyes and intent when they are deployed to dark and dangerous places world wide. The Monday service was a time when many of them committed to being a follower of Christ rather than merely someone who believes in Christ.  There was a man of high influence who attended the 'Food and Faith' service for the first time.  The Lord must have worked in his heart because he stated that he was looking forward to coming to the next one.
  • I had the opportunity to get to know Chaplain Cash's boys and was impressed at the depth of their faith.  It gave me great hope as a traveling father that my children can grow up to be genuine followers of Christ as I continue to put effort into their spiritual lives when I am home and prayerfully when I am gone.  I am hoping that one of his sons will get to join me in a training event in the future.
Thanks again for all of the prayers!
Here is a video of Chaplain Cash's testimony from the front lines of Iraq.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Volcano on Ambrym Island

This brings back some great memories from our ministry in Vanuatu.