Sunday, March 11, 2007

4 Bislows 4 Close Calls

Dianna Bislow- A few days ago... Mom slipped on the ice in the snow, hit her head, and was paralyzed on the snow for 20 minutes before help came to the rescue and called her an ambulance.

Randy Bislow- A few days ago... While Dad was out cutting trees with a tractor the brakes of the tractor failed on a hill. The tractor began to pick up more and more speed. So Dad bailed off the tractor right before it smashed into a tree.

Chase Bislow- A few days ago... My brother was driving back to Nebraska for Spring Break and hit some black ice. His car spun out of control on the interstate and left him stranded.

Caleb Bislow- A few days ago..Some guy high on Marijuanna in Africa carelessly attempted to plow me over with his truck.

Its been a wild few days for the Bislows. Praise God for his hand of protection.