Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Van Chaser

A certain Maasai man chased our van for and estimated 3 miles when he saw us leaving the Loita Hills. When we stopped the van the man ran over to us saying, "Caleb Bislow!", "Caleb Bislow is my best friend." The man was drenched in sweat and smelled of sweat and alchohol. When I saw his face I recognized him. His name was Joseph. He was a very Godly English teacher I met last time I visited the Loita hills 2 years prior. The man went on to say, "I heard you were here and I have been chasing this van forever. You are my friend take my sword, here take my bracelet too." I could not believe how nice this guy was, but it was his next words that totally shocked me. "Caleb, before you leave I need to REPENT." I was not surprised he did not look like the same clean cut Christ following man that I remembered from my previous trip. Jackson (a maasai pastor), my self, and Joseph knelt on the grasslands as Joseph repented of his evil ways, and recommitted his life to Christ. I can only hope and pray that the next time I see Joseph. He will be back to the man of God that he once was.