Sunday, March 18, 2007

Chi Alpha Trip Summary

It is amazing all of the things that can take place in seven days. We have been to the Alamo, a Baptist church, a Skate Church, 2 Juvy's, a Prison, and of course Pine Lake Church.

Chi Alpha has once again been a great joy to team up with. It is always fun to team up with a group that shares your heartbeat of taking Christ outside the walls of the church. It has been such a blessing to watch crowds light up with joy when they begin to hear Chi Alpha sing. The choir not only brings out alot of visible energy, but they also bring a very visible love for Jesus and others. It was not uncommon to see the students hanging out with their audience at the close of a concert. Not only did the choir and the chaperones minister to a variety of audiences, but they also ministered to us. From singing their hearts out for Jesus, to holding Trace, to passing on an encouraging word...we have been overly blessed.

Even though I had to stretch myself and try out some new messages this week...God still moved inspite of weakness and we have seen many saved. All Praise be to God on how he was and is using Chi Alpha to change lives nation wide.