Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Juvenile Center-San Antonio

Preaching tired is not something I enjoy, but it is something that occurs often. After a good/long morning of ministering at a skate-church we went directly to a large Juvenile Detention Facility. I knew going into it that I would be ill prepared and had little time to review my sermon. Despite the weakness that I felt, and the somewhat rowdy crowd, I stood to give a message that I would say came out as a 'C' message. I was amazed that nearly 1/3 of those in attendance stood to give their hearts to Jesus. I love watching the strength of God move in our weakness! Praise God.

One student that gave his heart to Jesus showed me a tatoo on the inside of his lip that said, "CK." No, he wasn't a 'Calvin Klein' fan...he was a fan of 'Crip Killing.' I was later told by a student that when he got out of juvy that he wanted to be color-blind. Which basically means that he wants to be done with the colors (gang life). I can only hope and pray that the numerous students that were involved in gang life will find the family of Christ more fulfilling than their old families of Gangs, guns, and hoods.