Saturday, March 31, 2007

Meaningless Challenges

Today we did the one thing that clears my mind from work and all the worries of life...snowboarding. There is something about boarding in the mountains that takes me to a "happy place." Not only does the scenery put me in awe of our Creator, but the moutains are full of meaningless challenges. I say meaningless because they are challenges that won't make a difference in the world, but they have potential to give you a momentary sense of accomplishment. For example, today's boarding challenge was to railslide 3 picnick tables lined up in a row. If you make it you get a surge of adrenaline, if you fail you get a surge of physical pain. Let's just say that today I encountered them both. I realize that when I am in work mode that it is hard for me to unplug. Taking a day off has been a struggle for me in the past. That is why I am in the proccess of rewiring my brain to achieve something on my day off, that is actually nothing. I am not sure if this is healthy, but it feels healthy (all except for my tailbone).

Meaningless Challenges=Meaningless Accomplishments= A Day Off well spent.