Friday, March 9, 2007

Off to San Antonio

Here is a quick schedule of my upcoming week. I am still very tired from my Africa trip so prayers are very apprecciated. I am so excited to have Jess and Trace joining me on this God adventure.

Sat- Fly to Texas
Sun- Preach at San Antonio Market Square
Mon- Speak at Alamo Plaza
Tues- Speak at Cyndi Krier Juvy
Wed- Speak at Bexar Juvy
Thu- Speak at Baptist Youth Ranch
Fri- Speak at Louisianna State Penitentiary
Sun- Speak at Homecoming Concert in Mississippi

Pray that many will respond to Jesus. Outdoor events to Lost crowds get me really excited, but they are extremley challenging, please pray that God will break through powerfully.

Pray that the students in the choir will see themselves as God's warriors and that they will sieze numerous opportunities.

Check out the Rockin' choir I am touring with here: