Tuesday, March 6, 2007


3. Chasing giraffes.
I don't think that there is a better cure for jetlag than Chasing a "herd" of 18 giraffes through the wild. I am still amazed that a creature 8 times bigger than us with 17 of his giraffe buddies is afraid of us little people.

2. GPS mission accomplished.
I assumed that we would get a small section of Maasai villages marked in Kenya. GPSing all of Maasailand was only an unreal dream in my mind, but the dream became a reality. We plotted nearly 450 village locations from the Maasai Mara to Kiliminjaro. Those 450 locations literally represent thousands of soul who have never had a chance to hear about Jesus.

1-1. People Saved! After our GPS mission we ventured to an unreached village that we had marked by the airplane. It actually worked and the corrdinates were dead on. We introduced this small village to Jesus and before we left we saw nearly 18 people come to the Lord. Almost every person that sat with us reponded! We later went to another village and saw similar results.

1-2. Churches Planted!
As an evangelist I often wonder if anything sinks in or if these people are just raising there hands because that is "the thing to do" at that moment. I was greatly encouraged when I noticed that there was a church building in a village I had shared Christ with 2 years ago. God has brought others to water what was once planted. Even the hostile village that I was so afraid to enter 2 years ago now has weekly church services. They are meeting weekly under the same tree that we used as shade when we introduced them to Jesus. Praise God!

1-3. The experience with the Moran Warriors!
Coming Soon...