Tuesday, March 6, 2007


3. Getting Stuck...3 times.
This picture was our most extreme. It was our day off and we were ready for a break. We were headed towards a nearby game park on a mission to see the King of Beast as well as the other animals known as the BIG 5. On our way to the reserve our driver sees a big puddle in the middle of the road and guns it. His gunning it almost flipped the van and stranded us for nearly 3 hours.

2. Eating Chicken Poop.
After we finally got our van out of the mud we decided to skip out on the game park and grab ourselves some Cokes and a good bite to eat. We needed some kind of refreshment. As we were eating chicken, Matthew got an unpleasant surprise. Matthew soon discovered a unique flavor to his chicken. He said that there was a strange after taste. After he said that he examined his chicken and he noticed that his chicken had not been disemboweled, and it had exploded all over his plate. The only sympathy he got from us was an uproar of unstoppable laughter.

1. Almost Dead.
While we were gassing up our lowBUDGET rental van I tasted death in a way I never had before. I was paying for the gas outside of the station when I suddenly heard a truck hit the gas. I turned to my left and all I saw was a the grill of a truck coming right at me. I had no more than a second to make a decision and moved quickly near a gas pump to dodge the truck. I asked the gas attendant what just happend and if that man had an issue with Americans. The gas attendant just stared angerly at the truck as it roared off and said that that driver is a crazy man, and that he was high on marijuanna.

Honorable Mentions: Dust everywhere, Flies all over the place, Stepping in human fecies, Sleeping in wet clothes, Hours of bumpy roads, Smoke in our eyes, The urgency that comes with dirareah, Breakdown after breakdown, Hiking near a herd of sprinting wildabeast, No showers or fresh clothes for a week, Driving through the chaos of Nairobi (on the left hand side), Motion sickness from the small plane, Fatigue to the max, Constantly being asked for money, Trecking through the dark while a lion roars in the distance, etc...