Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Passing of Lorri

We got word this morning that Lorri passed away last night. It is unbelievable how a few seconds can drastically change your life. We know that a true worshiper made an entrance to Heaven, but we are still filled with sorrow for the void that will be left here on earth without her. Our hearts break and bleed for the Ortmanns as they grieve the loss of a mother, and a wife. It's moments like these that you have no idea what to say, and I have learned that sometimes it is best to let your words be few, your love be evident, and your prayers to be many.

A man on our KBM staff recently lost his son over Christmas and just two years ago he lost his wife to cancer. He is a real Job, and his faith to continue on for Christ has inspired us all. He said that he got sick of reading all of the Christian literature, and hearing all of the Christian cliche's that are often said when you go through such a tragic trial. Sure he knew that they were in Heaven, and that God could use this to make him a stronger person, and that he could minister more effectively to those with loss....etc. But it still didn't take away his unbearable anger, sorrow, and pain. At the peak of his grief he would find himself questioning where God was at, and wondering why God would allow not one, but two tragedies to take place in his life. The anwers are often impossible to find, but Jeff found comfort in these words that he found in a small unknown book....

"Where is God at right now in the midst of your tragedy? Probably the same place He was at when his son died."

*Savanah (Lorri's daughter) is pictured to the left of Jess. She was on a Mission trip in Italy when the accident happened
*Nate Saint (Lorri's son) is pictured here praying by his cousin (double click picture to read the scribbles on Nate's arm)
May these pictures make you well aware the Lorri leaves behind a legacy of children she raised who are wholeheartedly following the Lord.