Saturday, March 24, 2007


It's the phone call that you dread. The phone call that tragedy has striked someone that you know and care about. Tonight we recieved a call that a friend of ours, Lorri Ortmann, had a critical fall and is in the ICU on a breathing machine. Lorri is the mother of many, and the wife of Steve Ortmann, the District Superintendent of the Missionary Church Midwest District. It is urgent that we pray....HARD.... and Believe in FAITH that God's healing touch will rest upon her. Also remember the entire family in prayer at this time. The Ortmann's have many children and one of them, Savannah, is currently on a 3 month mission trip in Italy. I know being overseas can be a lonely place especially when you get news of tragedy. Pray for God's comfort to rest upon her as well when she flies home.

This is a recent picture of the Ortmann family. Steve and Lorri are standing at right.