Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Jesus and Zombies

A couple nights ago I witnessed a unique baptism service. I went to a church called Scum of the Earth (www.scumoftheearth.net). A church that was planted by a man who had discipled the guys of the band- five iron frenzy. As you walk into the church you see all kinds of people from Goths to Skaters to Smokers to Homeless to the "Normals". The church is said to be for the right brained (creative types) and the left out. As I was attenteding this service it was very unprofessional, but I suppose that was their style. Instead of giving a sermon they brought in a horse trough and baptized 2 people. The first girl was your typical baptism talk, but the second guy caught everyone's attention. He was a guy with a Black hat, Black fingernails, Black trench coat, Black pants, and a black shirt. His testimony went on for nearly 20 minutes about Jesus, the church, and of course zombies. It was amazing to watch this Gothic kneel in a horse trough after his talk and get baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit with a whole audience watching him. Obviously the crowd cheered wildly.

"Perhaps" takeaways:
1. Why did this guy talk for so long? Perhaps it was because this was his one moment that he knew his voice would be heard.
2. Why did this guy join the goths? Perhaps it was because no one else would accept him.
3. Why was everyone surprised to see him get baptized? Perhaps it was because everyone thought that Goths were unreachable.