Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bump-Ray Comfort

Jess and I decided to go to Hunnington Beach today to catch some rays on the coast of California. I didn't catch many rays but I did get to catch up on Ray. As we were entering the beach a man beside a big wooly ape was preaching on a soap box. I knew right away that this guy had been trained under Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron's ministry, 'WAY OF THE MASTER'. While I was watching this guy, hecklers were beginning to take some shots at him, and a girl even came up and hit their electronic ape in the "spot." I must say that I was entertained watching this kind of "gung-ho"evangelism, and there actually was quite a crowd surrounding him. I was inspired by this ordinary guy's courage, but I did find myself often wandering if his approach of promoting the design theory and "bashing" other people's beliefs would bear any fruit?

As I continued to listen to this man preach I looked over to my right and saw a guy with sunglasses on that I recognized, it was Ray Comfort. I walked over to him, and simply asked if he indeed was,"Ray Comfort." He said something like,"that is the name that I go by." He was a pretty fun guy to talk to. He showed me his sunglasses and told me to look at them closely. I have to admit that I was not surprised when I noticed that the ten commandments were inscribed on his lenses. I told Ray that the one thing that I really liked about him and his ministry was the guts that they had for Jesus. Even though I don't entirely agree with Ray's method of creating "heated" confrontation with lost people, I still have a great respect for him because of his willingness to put his neck on the line for Christ. He truly is a guy that is desperately striving to go ALL OUT for Christ.

One of Ray's messages called ,"Hells Best Kept Secret" has had a deep impact on how I do my evangelistic messages, however I have flavored my messages with more grace than Ray does, but there is no denying it Ray truly has influence how I evangelize. Check out this message here.

Ray and Kirk Cameron were recently on Nightline debating the atheist who started the ugly "blasphemy challenge" movement. You can check out the debate on Nightline here

I realize that the ministry that I am stepping into of raising up Unusual Soldiers also has the possibility of engaging sinners in harsh confrontational ways if it is not harnessed correctly. One of the catch-phrases that I want people to grasp under our training is that they are to be, "Armed in LOVE and Dangerous in boldness." Love and Compassion for sinners is what should drive us to be bold for Christ. Take out the love and the compassion for the lost and all that you will end up with is a fight that no one wins.