Saturday, May 12, 2007

Church on the Track

It doesn't get better than a day at the races-Motocross races that is. God has strangely allowed my past to meet my future. A few months ago I met a guy on an airplane who travels to supercross events and does church with the big-time pros, then just a couple weeks ago I met a family at our church that started a ministry called 'church at the track' and this ministry is endorsed by the #1 pro rider in the state of Colorado, Bobby Fitch. Bobby just committed his life to Christ at our church this year and is willing to use his success in mx to spotlight Christ.Needless to say i am very impressed. Both of these ministries could potentially help me get involved in opportunities that allow me to engage the extreme culture. I am very excited, and yes I am getting the itch to race again(I haven't raced for 12 years). I am now old and breakable, but what the heck whats a broken neck? (Ok, bad rhyme, not very inspiring, and a poor choice of words) If I decide to go for it blog world will be the first to know. If I go for it and get my rear kicked blog world may never know. The power of the keypad.