Wednesday, May 23, 2007


When we moved to Colorado, I crossed an invisible border into the Western District of the Missionary Church. So that means that I have now officially ministered in the Midwest-Franklin, North Central-College Park/Nappanee , Michigan-Port Huron, and now the Western District-Kingdom Building Ministries. I guess i have been somewhat nomadic even before becoming an itinerant.

Since we are now in the Western District, that means we have to go to LA every year to keep my "Rev" title (thats where we are now). One thing that I have noticed about the Western Disrict is that alot of people in this district look like me (skater/surfer clothes, dudes in earings, and soul-patches are everywhere), the bummer is that everybody out here is a new face to us.

When the conference is over the wife, lil' dude, and I plan to spend to spend some vacation time together near Hollywood. The two people I would like to accidently bump into out here are:
1. Erwin McManus
2. Mel Gibson, obviously
Not because they are BIG WHIGS, but because they both have what I call the "warrior spirit" and they are both huge influencers for Christ. Fat chance of bumping into these guys, but I will never limit what God can do!