Sunday, June 17, 2007

Arrival Days

KBM has truly been blessed to partner with Ichthus. It was surreal to stand backstage and watch my good buddy Johnny V preaching to 20,000+ people. I truly sense that KBM has been blessed to speak at events such as this. While he was speaking I examined my own speaking career. I think that many people who see speakers sharing platforms with Giglio, tobymac, newsboys, and switchfoot would think that they had somehow "arrived" as speakers, but I think that that is a dangerous thought and ambition to dwell on. If I made it my objective to "arrive"... then I have a feeling that "arrival day" would be an extremely lonely and disappointing day. As preachers we really need to get off of "arrival day" kicks, because then it becomes more about us and less about God. More about our fame rather than His. As I was watching Johnny preach I thought to myself "yeah, that would be sweet to be used by God to speak into so many lives,but I would rather be in the bush speaking to a remote tribe of 20." God uniquely calls different people to different audiences and whether it is to 20,000 people or to 20 people every audience is worth it. So lets try hard to kill the arrival mentality together and lets just love Christ, love others, and happily follow him to whatever audiences He leads us to.