Sunday, June 3, 2007

BUMP-Arthur Blessitt

Sometimes I am amazed at the people God allows me to accidently bump into. Today our little guy was sick so I went to a mega-church of 14,000 people down the street. While I was there I was purchasing a book about the journeys of Aurthur Blessitt. A man who has traveled the entire world for Jesus. I asked a lady a question about the book and she said, "well why don't we just ask his wife?" (Arthur's wife was standing right behind me). His wife Denise saw my enthusiasm and went and got her husband. Arthur then invited me to his office in the church and showed me numerous pictures on his walls about his journeys to over 300 nations. Needless to say - I was beyond inspired. He later prayed over me and I left. Only God knows if I will continue to have the opportunity to learn off of Arthur Blessitt's ministry, but regardless of my future I am marking today as a day of major inspiration!

Here are some of the ways that God has used Arthur Blessit:
- led George W Bush to Christ
- he holds the Guinness world record as the person who has walked the farthest(over 37,000 miles-1 1/2 times around the equator)
- he has now traveled to 310 nations with his cross, including North Korea(the most dangerous nation in the world)
- he has preached side by side with Billy Graham
- he has written numerous books
- he was arrested or thrown into jail24 times
- he spoke to 1/2 million people in 1970 at the Atlanta Festival(a non-christian "woodstock")
- carried the cross through 50 countries at War

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