Saturday, June 30, 2007

Califonia Camp-Prostitute Saved!

Is it possible that God can use the students at a camp more than He uses the speaker?

That is my dream, my prayer, and a challenge that I face when I go to camps. What does it take to see this happen at a camp? I always have high hopes that students will in some way, shape, or form begin to advance the kingdom of God before camp is over and will continue to advance His Kingdom long after camp is done, but how?

All that it took for a 10th grader named Michael was a little inspiration. I remember watching Mike play sports at the camp, he was a very focused/determined individual. I later pulled him to the side and said, "Mike, If you go after God like you go after sports you will change the world." Later that night Mike, who was only a 4-month old Christian, was inspired to attempt being a mighty warrior for God. Mike and his cabin decided to go to the streets to witness with their counselor Eric. On the next night their cabin was ready for more but this time they asked God what they should do. Their cabin spent time listening for God's voice and asked him to ultimately guide them while they were on the streets. While Micheal was praying he sensed that he needed to find a specific lady and that he needed to somehow share the love of Christ with her. After their time of listening prayer they hit the streets. Mike walked by a lady who looked just like the lady he had seen in his prayer, he was stunned and he knew that he needed to approach her. He nervously walked up to her and said, "Excuse me mam, but do you think that you are a good person?" That would not be the first line that I would typically use with a stranger, but God is not about eloquence-He is about being POWERFUL in humble vessels. That opening sentence opened a major door into this woman's life. She looked at him as said, "I know that I am not a good person. I have just been trying to make it through life and one of the ways that I do that is through prostitution. And the worse part is that I am married, my husband has no idea that I am doing this behind his back..." Mike then explains to her about the new life that she can have in Christ, and that God wants to offer her forgiveness. This woman then fell to her knees, began to weep, and then she began to audibly confess her sin to Christ with her hands lifted toward Heaven. Praise the Lord!!!!!!

Mike was no expert on evangelism and he had no history of doing things like this. He was just a newborn Christian, in the tenth grade, who made himself available to God. Lets make Michael's story a lesson for us all: There are no limits of what God can do through a person who makes themselves totally open and available to God.

More California stories to come. Infact, if you are reading this and you were with me at camp. Feel free to leave what God did in your life or your God Story in my comment section. It would be great for people to hear from you!