Friday, June 8, 2007

Ridiculous House Offer

A few weeks ago Jess and I wanted to see what kind of house we could afford in Denver. We finally found one we kind-of liked on the internet, so we drove over to it only to discover that it was in the hood. There was spray paint all over the streets and the house actually had bars on the windows. Obviously, we were pretty bummed out.

Recently we found a modular home way out in the sticks. It's not much to look at,but its in good shape and it has a killer view. There are also tons of outdoor recreation options: rock climbing, kayaking, motorcycling, jeep trails, fly fishing, etc. This would be a prime place to do ministry training.

We are going to continue to pray that if God wants us there that he will make a way. Jess felt like we should make a "ridiculous" low offer and give God a chance to receive glory in this process, if our offer is accepted. I was totally game. If the offer is accepted it really will be a miracle. We will hopefully find out more Sunday.