Sunday, June 24, 2007

UP Mission trip

UP Mission trip...Great Trip....Great Adventure
- many confessed sin to God and their leaders
- many committed to follow God wherever he leads
- many took an hour a spent it alone with God
- many got very transparent about issues that they were dealing with
- mighty warriors began to emerge from the trenches

Cornerstone (Ludington, Michigan)
- exciting opportunity to partner with Jess' home church!!
- Trying to cut a 40 minute sermon to 25 minutes while I was preaching..was a challenge
- felt like I missed key points by rushing through it but God still challenged hearts
- some said that the message gave them confirmation on some of their life choices
- nearly 1/4 of the people committed to be a follower of God- totally open to go wherever He leads

I am now sitting in Grand Rapids getting ready to fly to LA. It is my prayer that God would go before me and prepare hearts for this week of ministry on the west coast. Hear we go!!