Wednesday, July 11, 2007

10 things I love about my Wife

10. She understands math, numbers, taxes, and finances.
(without her I'd be a dead man)

9. She actually likes to clean.
(I am a little on the messy side)

8. She keeps me encouraged in my low times.
(She sees the best in me when I see the worst)

7. She is a servant.
(I have to confess that she changes most of the diapers)

6. She compliments/balances me in numerous ways
(She is the extrovert/I am the introvert. She talks/I blog. She is the counselor/I am the preacher. She loves for the cause/I fight for the cause. She is the saver/I am the spender. She likes routine/I like variety. She is concrete/I am abstract...etc)

5. She is a great ministry partner.
(She loves God, people, and ministry in unreal ways)

4. She is as nice, cute, and sweet as they come.
(And she chose me, a 165lb wan-a-be tough guy?)

3. She prays alot for people.
(Its true, I have caught her plenty of times)

2. She is a terrific mom.
(She has a profound way of mothering our little guy)

1. She is a one in a million.
(Some people have options when looking for a spouse. Not me, I was told in college that I was a good candidate to become one of those 'bachelor-to-the-rapture' guys, because of my driven personality and my dangerous spirit. Not many women would want to marry a guy w/my wild untamed spirit. But God gave me Jess. Since our marriage many wives have asked Jess, "Why do you let Caleb do what he does?" Her response, "Because I never want to block Caleb from doing what God is calling him to do." Yes I am blessed. Praise the Lord for my wife Jess!)

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Derry is one of my ministry allies who went through a ministry clarification process with me a few months ago. One of his biggest take-a-ways on the process was how blessed I was to have my #2 (Jess). Check out Derry's blog entry on Jess here