Sunday, July 1, 2007

BUMP-Gary Wright

12 years ago I met an evangelist named Gary Wright. I was a student at Bethel College and he was the Spiritual Emphasis speaker for the week. He was my kind of preacher because his sermons were like well crafted stories. In one of his messages he challenged us to live a life that was committed beyond choice- basically always saying "yes" to whatever God has for us. At the close of the service Gary pointed me out and called me onto the stage in front of everyone and challenged me to spend my life in pursuit of God's call no matter the costs. I took him up on the challenge (little did I know then where that would lead me).

2 years ago I bumped into Gary again at Mancelona Camp. He was the adult evangelist and I was the student evangelist. We soon discovered that we were two different guys with hearts that beated for the same cause, the cause of taking Christ to the utter ends of the earth.

2 months ago I had a dream about Gary speaking at the Midwest District Camp. I quickly told Carl Davis,the director of the camp, about the dream and soon after that Carl contacted Gary to come and be his guest speaker for the week. Carl testified that God used Gary in a POWERFUL way among the student this year.

2 weeks ago when I was at the Ichthus Festival I bumped into Gary a third time. I had recently had a dream about him, but I hadn't seen him in person for two years. He told me that he had just spoken at Carl's camp the previous week- What timing the Lord has. Gary and I once again sensed the kindred hearts and later that morning he interviewed me on live radio about my follow up trip to Africa. I am amazed at how God continues to weave certain people into our lives. Sometimes it makes you wander if God is up to something or if He just uses that weaving to refresh and revive our spirits from time to time to keep us going for Him.

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