Monday, July 2, 2007

Califonia Camp Recap

The camp in California was full of God seekers. I think that every night a team of students and counselors went out to share the love of Christ with our lost and hurting world. Some students felt like the Holy Spirit had impressed upon them to go to specific places and people, and before camp was over many amazing God stories began to trickle in from students and leaders. At the close of camp 5 students got baptized in the ocean, proclaiming to the world that they were determined to be genuine followers of Christ! Lets keep in touch. I'd love to hear how things are going at home.Keep sending me your God stories from camp and beyond!

Remember the three AAA'S!

ACTS- Read the book of Acts for devotions
ATL'S- Spend time Asking The Lord for guidance and direction by yourself or in a group
ALLIES- Find a band or brothers or sisters to help keep you stay strong and accountable