Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cool Tool

Ann Harrington, the Mission's Director at Colonial Woods, found a sweet tool on the Joshua Project website. This widget can totally help broaden your awareness of the people groups world wide that are in need of Christ.

I inserted this widget on the right hand column of this site. I was blown away after I put it on my site, because a country that I had recently felt burdened for was the first one to display. Not only has this widget been a great prayer reminder for me but it has also been a great "butt kicker" that reminds me that I need to continue to 'get out there' for Jesus. This little tool actually gave me a sense of confirmation in my calling to a specific country. You might want to consider adding this widget to your site as well, but I will warn you in advance that God may prompt your heart at any moment to journey afar and into the unknown for Him.