Saturday, July 7, 2007

How to change your Blog Header

Joshua Seller recently asked me how I changed the header for my blog. Anyone can change their header it just takes a little blood, sweat, and tears. Here are the steps I took to making it. I use a mac so you may have to modify some of the instructions if you use a pc.

Download firefox as your browser. Safari won't give you many options in blogger and it may not let your image load

1. Open a program that will let you design and create your header. (I used pages.)
2. Before you design a header go to page settings and turn the page into a Width of 5 inches and a height of your liking. (I went with an 1.5 inch height)
3. Design your header and save it as a jpeg. If this does not work try this: I had to export my header as a pdf file. Then I opened my pdf file and saved it as a jpeg. Its an ugly proccess but it worked.
4. Open up your blogger, go to customize, and click edit header.
5. Click to browse for your image, check 'instead of title and description'
6. Save it.
7. Done.