Friday, July 13, 2007

Bored in the Lord?

Most people think that becoming a Christian means that you join a community of "steeple people" that are constantly BORED in the LORD. The video below illustrates what many people think of when they consider being a Christian.

If this is what being a Christian is about to you...then you are missing out. I want more out of life then fulfilling my Christian "duties" and pursuing a good moral life. I truly believe that there is no greater adventure, no greater cause to pursue, and no greater life to live than a life fully committed to following Christ. If you are a Christian and you tend to lean more towards the side of Mr. Bean Christianity, then perhaps you should try dissecting Matthew 10 and the book of Acts to see what Christ following is all about.

When people see you life which kind of Christian to they see?
1. Official members of "The Bored in the Lord"
2. A person totally striving to follow Christ?