Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blog Make Over

Two questions for you to consider...
1. Is it time to start a blog of your own? (yes, is the correct answer!)
You can sign up for a blogspot here It's not just a "kid" thing. Shoot...I am three decades old and I am doing it : )- (that is a smiley face w/a soul patch). Please let me know that you started one by leaving me a comment or by emailing me.

2. If you have a blog is it time for you to personalize your header?
Hey why not, its free. Recently a couple other guys "upgraded" their sites with new headers check em' out:
Derry Prenkert
Dan Weiss
Joshua Seller
Jeff Baxter
Corey Man (He has been doing it a while)
Eric Nentrup

Figure out how to remake your header on my July 7th entry.