Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pray for Travis Pastrana


This brother is one hardcore FMXer. He recently appeared on stunt junkies and attempted a ridiculous freighter to freighter jump. About a year ago I heard him go public for Christ.Needless to say...I was stoked.

COWBOY KENNY BATRAM. I met Kenny at the Silverdome and heard him praise the 'Lord Jesus Christ' for his victory. So the next night I decided to see if this guy was indeed the real deal. I mean he said,"the Lord Jesus Christ," and that was a little deeper than the typical, "I thank God..." He told me that he was a follower of Christ and that he was also a regular attender of a Baptist Church in Texas. I encouraged him to share Christ with his good friend Travis, but he seemed pretty hesitant."

I met Mad Mike Jones a couple years ago, but I didn't bring up Christ with him. For some reason I figured that he would want nothing to do with Jesus. So I guess you could say that I passed up an opportunity. Today Mad Mike was on CBN with his wife testifying about Christ. God forgive me for labeling him as unreachable.

Travis is a Legend in the FMX world. Last year he actually landed a double backflip (see below) in competition. I have been praying for him and two other celebrities for about 7 years. A few years ago I actually attempted to share Christ with him at an MX event. I had a great, but quick conversation with him. I learned that he had not committed his life to Christ, that his father was not a believer, and that his mom Debbie was a sold-out believer. I thanked him for his postive outlook on life and his good morals, and then told him that I would continue praying for him. He seemed very grateful and that was pretty much it.

A year later my friend Joshua Seller went on a mission trip to India and amazingly Travis Pastrana's mom was on that same trip. Joshua told her that the two of us had been praying for Travis and she broke down crying urging us to continue in prayer. Joshua was later invited to sing at Travis' mom's wedding. Joshua met Travis, drove his monster truck, and even tried to flip one of Travis' mx bikes into foam pit (he didn't make it but he did get a sweet scar out of the deal).

I truly believe that if Travis finds Christ and commits to Him at the level he commits to FMX, the world will be turned upside for Christ, and perhaps some of the most dangerous areas of the world will be reached for Christ. Join me in praying for him this year. You can check him and perhaps the others out on TV during the X-Games (Aug 2-7)this year. If you get a chance to watch him prepare to see a man of absolute commitment. Pray with me. God can do the impossible.