Thursday, July 12, 2007


The more I look at that unreached people widget on my website the more frustrated I become. I long for the day that some of these groups have at least a single percent of Christian influence-that at least means that someone is there trying to be a spark in the dark.

At my last camp I was asked the deep theological question, "What happens to the people in the world that have never heard the gospel?" My answer was ,"What happens to Christians in the world who know that there are unreached people groups and choose to do nothing?" I am sure that this was not the answer that they wanted to hear, but I think sometimes we spend more time wrestling, than striving. We spend all our years looking for the right theological answer, and so little time striving to be God's answer to our theological question.

For more read Ezekiel 33 (I dare you), but be forewarned that you may be held accountable to a greater degree. Lets get out there and do something!