Sunday, August 12, 2007

Documentary Premiere

Well... we premiered the "Reaching for the Unreached" documentary today. The Congregation at Franklin seemed to really enjoy it. I thinks its much easier to watch something than it is to listen to a talking head at times. I book ended the documentary of basically telling the group that "I'm am in over my head on this endeavor and that this dream to reach a nation is only 9 months and $50,000 away." Today has made me realize that this is no small dream and that I am going to need a team to pull it off successfully. Please pray that God will begin to raise up a team of people to help pull this event off. It is way bigger than Simon and I, but it is only a speck of dust compared to God. We will be doing some final revisions on the documentary until the first week of September then we will be sending them out out to ministries and individuals that wish to partner with us on this vision to reach a nation.