Thursday, August 16, 2007


I was preparing a new sermon called ZERO last night, and I was dropped to my knees.

I was on the Joshua Project website and I was researching the least reached areas of the world. This link shows 100 of the least reached but if you go to 'all of the least reached' (those under 2% Christian) it will blow you away. When I went to print this document I was amazed when my computer read "printing 1 of 363 pages". I am not clear what is next but this 3 inch wide notebook that I call ZERO has given me a holy discontent that no nation will have 0.0% Christian by the time I die. Many are propelled to aid human suffering around the world, but I sense that God has called me to raise up an army that will rescue people groups and nations from eternal suffering. This is my Holy Discontent.

I think that God has placed a Holy discontent in Christians in a variety of different ways, however if this discontent does not give birth to action it simply accomplishes nothing but a life of discontentment.

I want to encourage you to follow your God-given burden until it births a dream to make a difference. See how a group of 20 year olds followed a burden, birthed a dream, and created a movement here and be inspired.