Friday, August 3, 2007

Jesus lifted up! (at the X games)

Well I just got back from a amazing camp in Tennessee and now its a crash day. I have been enjoying my day of chilling out and watching my "superbowl" (the X GAMES) on TV.

I have had a huge passion for this group of people for a long time. I really think that a dangerous generation is emerging and that if these guys found Christ and committed to him to the level they commit to these sports the world would be turned upside down.

I was disappointed that the legendary double back-flipper Travis Pastrana didn't compete in best trick this year, but I was stoked to find out that rookie, Kyle Loza, that won the 'best trick' competition is on the "Riders for Christ Team." The name of Jesus was lifted up on the X games! Read up on this die hard Christ follower from Saddleback church here and check out his blog here.

I also found out that the 2nd place FMX rider, Nate Adams, is a solid believer as well. I guess if you know where you going when you die then you might as well live fearless.

Tennessee camp update coming soon...