Monday, August 6, 2007

Tennessee Camp Recap

I promised my new friends from Knoxville that I would put a picture of my son Trace in his new 'Volunteer' T- shirt on my site. I tried to snap the shot quick, but Trace was quickly tackled by his stuffed monkey. His Cornhusker monkey kept yelling, "1998! 1998!"...whatever that means? Perhaps it had something to do with the Orange Bowl score in 1998 :Tennessee 17/Nebraska 42. I will make sure that Trace continues to wear his new T-shirt so that he will grow up to be a man that can learn tobe strong in the face of major opposition.

Relive the action here on DVD : )-

On the other hand there are some great take aways from the camp in Tennessee...

- Amazing Volunteer staff team. I really felt prayed up, encouraged, and pumped up because of the numerous volunteer staff members.
- It was awesome to watch the students take a time out to listen to God on the last night. God really moved in numerous ways in student and leaders hearts.
- Outstanding times of worship. Brent and the worship team did a great job of putting our focus on Christ in vibrant times of worship.
- Students seeking after God. It true I caught student at random time seeking out God in the TOM, and around the campus.
- Student led prayer meeting. Some students felt led to have a prayer meeting before the last evening service. It was an awesome time of prayer and I think it was the first time I was actually anointed with oil by students. Very powerful.
- Brent, Manna, and Carter did a great job making Jesus fun in a very creative and well planned way! Way to go team!

At this camp I also experienced a few things for the first time...
- preached in wet shoes
- called on to sing a solo (God was teaching me humility)
- got anointed by the students before a service

Keep on Guys! here are three A's to keep you thriving:
A- Ask....Ask the Lord in your small group what you can do for him and listen for his voice in response. Be ready for anything!
A- Accountability...Find a small core of soldi friends who will keep you strong and growing!
A- Acts....Read the book of Acts and write down how you can apply each chapter to your life.