Friday, August 17, 2007

Free Roughcut Documentary Download

Tyler has been piecing the Maasai documentary together for the past few months. This doc currently has a more adult appeal with some "youthful" humor mixed in.He is still polishing up quite a bit of the doc (changing fonts, audio, subtitles, adding footage, taking away footage, and changing the ending) but I thought that I would make this rough cut available for those that are interested in watching and helping us spread the fire about this dream to reach a nation.

This mission to reach for the Maasai nation is going to cost $50,000 so we will be giving away our final cut to those that want to be our FIRE SPREADERS.

FIRE SPREADERS are people of any age who...
1. Show the Final Cut DVD to small groups, churches, youth groups, and individuals as a means to expand the vision and raise the funds.
2. Point people to so people can read more about this Endeavor
3. Hand off the DVD to others when they are completed to other potential fire spreaders to continue to fan the flame

If you are interested in being a FIRE SPREADER for this mission feel free to email me or leave a comment below (anyone can leave a comment on my blog). You will receive a free DVD hopefully in September.

Download the first cut here and please help us spread the word.

I am off to Washington and Ohio. So most likely I am blogggin' off for a couple of weeks.