Saturday, August 25, 2007

Washington Camp Highlights

My time in Washington with the students and staff from Crossover was amazing. God worked and moved in the hearts of these student in "unusual" ways. Here are only a few of my personal highlights.

Preaching in War Paint
On Thursday night I was told to stand in the middle of a field at 6:35. Not knowing what to expect I stood there and I soon began to see students emerge from their cabins in an organized fashion. They were chanting a warrior cry about being willing to "risk it all for the sake of the call." Soon the army of boys joined the army of girls and they began marching towards me. As they began approaching with their warrior cry, I began to notice that the all of them had war paint on their faces. They then circled me, painted my face, gave me a warrior necklace and charged me. We then marched into the chapel to the beat of drums and I gave a message with war paint on. The message just happened to be my 'UNUSUAL SOLDIER' message. That was a moment that I will never forget... It still gives me chills.

The Whole World
As the students shared around the campfire on Thursday night 90% of them shared about someone or some place that they felt that they needed to reach out to. It became very outward focused rather than the typical inward focus that many campfire services tend to become. Many students felt called to the nations, infact I think that all six of the inhabited continents were named as students rattled off the places that they felt called to. I truly began see my personal calling take root at this camp. The calling of being more of a mobilizer rather than an evangelist. I left this camp with a smile and a sense that in the years to come these students will impact the globe.

New Christian Ministers Powerfully

Around the campfire a Christian girl talked about wanting to end her life when her parents divorced. It was shocking and heart breaking for many. The next girl to come forward was Stephanie, a 17 year old gal who had just committed her life to the Lord a couple days prior. The neat thing was that Stephanie didn't go up to share about her new found faith in Christ, we already knew that. Stephanie went up to counsel the girl struggling with suicide. God used Stephanie huge that night and I think that He has great plans for her in the days ahead. Way to be used Steph!

Youth Pastor Leads the Charge
Matt, the Youth Pastor spent time listening to the Lord and looked for an opportunity to share Christ. The two of us went to a place to get coffee one morning to minister to a specific cashier. Unfortunately, she was not there, but Matt's courage to go and look for that opportunity was an inspiration to the whole camp. Way to lead Matt!

If you happened to be at this camp and you are reading this I would love to hear your personal story of what God did in your life. Feel free to leave your story in the comment section and I will pass it along to out staff. You guys truly are WARRIORS!

If you sensed a call to missions at camp you may want to check out this site for ministry opportunities or this site to get more understanding on the status of our world.