Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Washington Camp (still going)

We had an incredible session last night and I can honestly say that I had little to do with it. When I went to session last night I soon discovered that the attendance of the night had greatly increased. I had no idea that it was going to be 'parent' night. People were packed in the auditorium, little kids had come with their parents to be a part of the experience. This was great and I was excited except for the fact that my intended message for the night was going to be a 'Hell' message. Not your typical "family night" message. I had a strong sense that I was to keep on with what I had prepared because I had just been praying intently about the message a couple hours prior. I gave the opening to the message and then got to Roman Numeral One of my message and the Holy Spirit really started to choke me up, and I sensed Him telling me to quit preaching. I can't remember a time when this had happened before. I quit speaking and God began to lay numerous lost individuals on the hearts of the audience. People named those lost people out-loud and many came to the alter to pray for them. It was a night of a real Hovering of God's spirit. As we engaged in a time of worship a girl came over to me and said that she needed to get saved and she gave her heart to the Lord in the midst of worship. God was and is good.