Thursday, August 16, 2007

Worthless Passport and Closed Doors

I have been applying for Visas today for three Asian countries that I plan to minister in this fall. I soon discovered that one of these countries requires you to call them directly and ask for permission. This country has no American Embassy with-in its borders and Christianity is not wanted among this Buddhist culture so this will be a great challenge... With God all things are possible.

The other two countries stated that my passport can't expire for any less than 6 months after my scheduled trip to Asia. My passport expires 5 months after the trip. So now I have to get a passport and apply for three visas from three different places... With God all things are possible.

Whats more insane is that I leave in two days for a camp in Washington, come back for a day, then fly to Ohio to speak at a school for a week. My prep time for this Asia trip is flying by quick, but I will keep believing that...with God (and the help of Jess)all things are possible.

Or this may be God's way of saying SLOW DOWN or NOT YET.