Thursday, August 9, 2007


EXODUS: a mass departure of people

It has begun. I posted it in my newsletter and now I have it posted on my blog and on my website...The Exodus. The Exodus is now officially $50,000 and 9 months away.

This weekend I will have my first showing of the documentary (which I have yet to see) and then after a few edits we will be sending them out to a number of people and ministries who want to join us in embracing this vision. I will also be recording the vision message for the exodus and hopefully have it available for free online. Who would have thought that a solo mission trip two years ago to Africa would birth such a gut wrenching dream of reaching a nation for Christ. There is no way I can do this with out God and his people. I will continue to step forward in faith that if this is truly of God, He will provide.

See Documentary trailer here