Monday, September 17, 2007


Trying to get to Fusion Fest was quite the challenge. When I got to Dulles airport my flight to Harrisburg, PA was delayed 3 hours. Which meant that there was no way that I would make it to the festival in time to speak. I tried to find flight alternatives, but customer service had nothing to offer me. So I decided to rent a car (they gave me a PT cruiser) and drive the 170 miles from Washington DC to Selinsgrove,PA. I got one of those "GPS Women" to guide me and she led me right into a major traffic jam, and her favorite phrase seemed to be "recalculating." My slotted time to preach was 5 pm, right after PROJECT 86. I finally drove up to the festival at 4:45pm, PROJECT 86 had just finished singing and they were in transition to "me." I got together with the guy throwing the festival, had a prayer time with a couple friends, and soon stepped up on to the stage to preach. What an intense day, but I made it, and God was faithful to work in the hearts of the students that were longing for more than a "musical" experience.

It was encouraging to see Heather Ryder and to finally meet her husband Evan. They are quite the dynamic duo. Check out their website here. I also got to reconnect with former TLI student Nancy and her friend from Lancaster. Its was very refreshing to see these familiar faces after a crazy day of flying/driving.