Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fusion Fest

This weekend should be interesting... I speak at a small Music Festival in Pennsylvania called Fusion Fest, directly after the metal band PROJECT 86. I am excited about the opportunity but I have a hunch that many of these students are going to be there for the tunes. Project 86 is a great band, but they aren't necessarily a worship band that will be prepping people for a message. I have a feeling that the crowd is going to be moshing, sweating, and shouting for an hour then it will be time for "Biz." I am going to have to put some serious prayer into how to go about this one. If there are any God inspired thoughts or ideas out there, I am all ears.

Here is the Run Down...
12:00 A Dream Too Late
1:10 Bread of Stone
2:25 Jeremy Riddle
3:45 Project 86
5:10 Caleb Bislow
6:35 Falling Up
8:00 Phil Joel