Friday, September 14, 2007

Soon to be Hated...?

I have realized that trying to make a difference in the world for Christ is not an easy task. We plan to broadcast our Maasai Project Documentary through youtube, God tube, and perhaps other places, and I know that major opposition will most likely find us. Here is a recent comment that was posted on our Maasai trailer:

"Shame on you, leave this real people alone they don't need to be messed up as you are and like the rest of the "believing" world. These are free, pure, peaceful people."

Many people will bash our efforts of trying to point a nation towards the love of Christ, but keep in mind that it is not my ambition to change the culture of the Maasai, but to change their hearts. If opposition awaits be it. Introducing people to the love of Christ is WORTH IT! If Jesus is the ONLY WAY to Heaven then what kind of person would I be not to endeavor for him?