Wednesday, October 31, 2007

28 Cop Encounters (true confessions)

Moving back to Franklin has brought many memories back to my mind. Unfortunately many of those memories are of my numerous cop encounters. The funny thing is that I was never a "party" kid, but I was always loved to live a little on the crazy side. I have kept a mental tab in my mind of how many encounters I have had and I am pretty sure that I am up to 28 interactions. 90% of those being in my good old high school days. Here are some true confessions of an itinerant as I go public with some of my most memorable cop encounters...

* Lighting a vacant garage on fire in third grade
* Chasing a stranger around town while flashing our lights at him
* Shooting a cop in the rear end with a super soaker on the last day of school
* Whipping donuts on Main street
* Whipping donuts in the school parking lot
* Purposely Peeling out near main street to try to get a cop to chase me
* Running a stop sign in attempt to lose some one in a game of cat-and-mouse. Unfortantly the oncoming car that I ran the stop sign in front of was a cop
* Switching places with a girl who was driving my car over the speed limit on the Highway (Yes we switched places while the cop was chasing us)
* Trying to quickly drive in reverse up an on ramp on an interstate because I missed my exit(this was actually a few months bad)
* Speeding
* Driving an unlicensed motorcycle on the highway
* Driving a dirtbike that was too loud
* Driving with out a front license plate
* Hitting black ice in Michigan while passing a semi (that was a scary one)
* Rear ending someone in Mishawaka on a Bridge near "Monkey Island"
* Running a stop sign at my high school
* Getting pulled over by 6 cop cars on Valentines day night and getting frisked for parking my car in an area known for drugs deals
* Getting pulled over on New Years for an alcohol check (we were obviously clean and on our way to a church event)
* Speeding around an S-curve with a propane trailer and causing it to come unhitched ,roll, and explode propane gas everywhere. Luckily nothing sparked or I would have been a dead man. This scew up got the whole police force and fire department's attention. Needless to say I made the front page news in Franklin.
* Crossing the center line while having a dispute with my lovely wife Jess (my bad)

Amazingly I have had numerous warnings and only had a few tickets.