Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hate Mail

You got to love hate mail. I decided to keep these types of posts up on my youtube videos rather than delete them. I find it interesting how the "world" views Christianity and every negative comment gives you glimpse of what others percieve Christians to be. Here is one of my latest youtube comments on my Angola Prison video.

"Its not enough punishment that most of these men will die in prison?
No. They need to be judged by, and bow before, a bunch of self-righteous, bible-thumping, badly-choreographed white kids. Talk about insult to injury. I'm adding this to my favorites b/c this video is one of the most pathetic I've seen on youtube."

Obviously to them being a Christian is:
1. Being judgemental
2. Being self-righteous
3. People with a "punishing" and "insulting" message

When will the world see that being a Christ follower isn't about any of these. I wish that the "world" would understand that Christianity is about knowing Jesus and living out a life of Faith, Hope, and Love...not Pride and Judgement. May our lives be such a testimony of love that this whole "self righteous, judgmental, insulting" image of a Christian is deleted from people's minds.