Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Going to a Gay Bar (13th Floor Story )

A while back my wife, my friend,Rob, and I went to a movie to chill out on a Friday night. Little did we know that that movie would erupt something spiritual deep down inside of us. We immediatley felt like we needed to do something, we needed to go somewhere for the Lord, but we had no idea where to go. We sat in silence in a parked car in the parking lot and asked God if there was something that we wanted from us. As we listened for his voice, I began to see bright flashing lights of a bar downtown, a gay bar. I told the others that I felt like God was calling us to go to that Bar downtown, and they both said, "lets go." As we got to the bar chills ran up and down my spine. I began to ponder, "this is crazy...are we actually going to go in there." We all decided to step out of our comfort-zone and into the bar. We saw things that we weren't accustom to and we stood out of the crowd when all three of us ordered soft drinks instead of alcohol.

Rob was quickly greeted by a man at the bar. But the amazing thing was that my friend seemed to talk to this stranger as if he knew him. Surely he wouldn't know somebody here...would he? He did. I approached Rob and the man and I soon discovered that this man was one of Rob's teachers from an area school. The teacher sat down with the three of us and began to open his heart to us. We soon discovered that this man was not happy with his lifestyle. He said, "nobody wants to be gay, I don't want to be gay, I wouldn't wish this curse upon anybody." And perhaps the most heart wrenching thing was what he told us the church did nothing to help him. He stated that, He use to be a Christian, and he used to go to church, but he fell into this alternative lifestyle and couldn't shake free from it. The church never lifted a finger to help him with his problem, infact they decided that he was the problem and they banished him.

This teacher really opened up to us that night and it was obvious that he was the person that God intended us to reach out to. It was obviously the first time in a long time (perhaps a lifetime), that this man had felt loved by Christians. Without love people will never be reached.

After stepping into that Bar I realized that so many of these people will never be reached by an invitation to our upbeat programs at church. They are too wounded and have a tinted view of what true Christ followers are really about...LOVE not JUDGMENT. I mean seriously, do you think a man who has been banished from the church is really going to want to come back to the church. That would be way out of his comfort-zone to step onto our turf. He would be judged, talked about, and possibly mocked. So we need to be the ones to go to his turf, where we in return may very well be judged, talked about, and mocked. If we don't take the risk...they will never be reached.

Coming soon..Three Bible beaters at a Rob Zombie Concert