Thursday, November 15, 2007

WARNING: Golden Compass "Unmasked"

Fantasy movies always seem to grab my attention. One of the newer movies (trilogies) coming out is called the'Golden Compass.' Much like the Chronicles of Narnia the 'Golden Compass' has a message that it is trying to get across to its audience. 'Chronicles of Narnia' was obviously written by CS Lewis to give readers (Children)a fresh perspective on God. The 'Golden Compass' was written by a devout atheist in opposition to this view and was apparently written to convince children to abandon their beliefs of a God. It may look intriguing, but if the underline message is made visible it could be dangerous. It is said that the movie may not fully reveal this concept, but it will create a hook for parents to buy these books for their kids this Christmas. And of course these books will then take this content of this atheist's message to a whole new level, by taking children on a quest that eventually kills God.

I am not much of a "boycotter," but I do desire to be a Watchman that sounds the trumpet when I see danger coming. So be alert if you see this movie and take extra caution if you take your kids.

Get the run down here on a site called snopes. Snopes tries to sort the gossip from the facts, and strives to give readers the real truth.