Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Maasai Project and NMC

Today was a great day of getting poured into and pouring out. I met with Dave Engbrecht and Derry Prenkert for lunch today to talk "maasai project." I took note of some key things that Dave has learned over the years as he has worked with nationals from numerous places. Our hearts both burn for the nations and Bhutan is a "white hot" passion of both of ours...very exciting stuff.

Later in the afternoon Derry introduced me to a couple of his top-dawgs of NMC student ministries. Two hot hearted guys that have a deep desire to make a difference. Both of these guys are playing a roll in raising money for the Maasai Project. Last year the students literally raised thousands of dollars and this year they are backing us once again for our Final Phase.

After hearing numerous voices and opinions over the past three weeks on how to do the Maasai Project most effective, Derry (ministry allie) and I later hashed out some ideas on what it could possibly look like. The Project may change a little bit, because I do value Godly counsel, but the focus won't change a beat: making Christ known throughout all of Maasailand, Kenya.