Thursday, November 29, 2007

ROB ZOMBIE: Ticket or Picket? (13th Floor)

What would you do? Your sitting on the couch absorbing every moment of television when a commercial comes on that grieves your heart. The commercial was for an upcoming Rob Zombie Concert at Red Rocks Stadium (see below). Rob Zombie is known as a very evil person, but you sense an unusual urgency that you need to represent Jesus at this concert, the only question is how? Do you join a picket outside the gates of the concert or do you buy a ticket and enter the concert.

I felt that the Holy Spirit had led me to buy a ticket. I found two other guys from KBM who were willing to go with me, Eric and Terrence. The day before we went to the concert we had a prayer time in staff meeting. During our prayer time we were encouraged to listen before we pray. As I tried intently to listen all I could see in my mind was a young girl crying in the corner of the Red Rocks Stadium. It was a strange impression but I prayed for her anyways.

The next day we ventured to the stadium, and I mentioned to Terrence to keep a look out for a girl crying in the stadium and to seize it as a divine appointment. When we were at the concert I tried to go back stage to witness to Rob Zombie. They said you need to be certified, so I told them I was certified. I took out my pastoral certificate and told him I was a certified pastor, but he didn’t buy it. I later made my way to the front row of the concert with a small sign that said,“Can I Preach,” but once again my effort failed. As the concert went on, the band glorified evil by showing videos of serial killers and playing cartoons of people dying. What could we really do for Christ here I pondered. It later seemed that the best thing to do in this atmosphere was to interact with individuals one on one. We were at times offered drugs, insulted, and ignored, but there were numerous times the three of us found opportunities to share about the love of Christ and even pray for people.

As the concert went on, Terrence was sitting in the upper left hand corner of the Stadium. I later found him, and he said, “ Biz, your not going to believe this. I was just sitting here observing the crowd when all of a sudden I heard sniffing beside me. It was a young girl. So I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that she was pregnant. I told her congratulations, but she did not crack a smile. She told me she had one option...Abortion. So I went on to tell her how that baby was alive and deserved a chance to live. The girl quickly left, but Biz I think that was our mission.” So often we think we need to save everybody but I think that perhaps God’s main mission that night was to reach out to one hurting girl. And I have a hunch that God used Terrence that night to save a life.

As for me, I would buy a ticket over joining a picket...any day.