Sunday, December 30, 2007

The inner Circle

Today I had the privilage of speaking at Franklin Missionary Church. I felt like the best way to start the New Year was to set our focus on the MAIN THING:Intimacy with God. This is a message about three circles of intimacy. Each step closer to the inner circle is a step closer to God.

Outer Circle: The Inheritance circle. Many come to Christ to get get the inheritance but want little to do with the relationship. Much like a young super model who marries a wealthy old man. She enters the relationship to get her inheritance not to grow closer to her spouse. Many in this circle have merely prayed a prayer as a safeguard. This is the most dangerous circle find out in Matthew 7:21-23.

Middle Circle: The Infatuation circle. A person who seeks intimacy with God when they feel like it. Much like a couple of love stuck Junior Highers at camp. The two have a Stong feelings for each other, but the feelings fade quickly after camp is over and terminate the relationship. When we only depend on events to draw ourselves closer to God we set our selves up for failure.

Inner Circle: The Passion Circle. A Christ follower who strives to be intimate with God regardless of the feelings. A person in this circles has made a vow similar to that he may have made to his spouse. A Vow that states, "God I am striving to know you more in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer...I am striving after you to from this day forward" This person is a self feeder and is not dependent on outside programs or services to grow closer to Christ.

“The Greatest gift you can give the world is your intimacy with God.” Dwight Robertson founder of KBM