Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kelly Clark: Gold medalist snowboarder

I was watching snowboarding today and I noticed that the top female rider (2002 Olympic gold medalist) had a sticker that said Jesus on her board. So I looked her up and she is the real deal. I am keeping tabs on who is living for Jesus in the extreme culture and i have been amazed at how many there actually are.

Here is her testimony from D2S's website:

"I achieved the highest in my sport. I was famous. I had money. I had an Olympic gold medal. Everything that anyone could have wanted, and I found out that wasn't what I was looking for."

In response to the emptiness inside her, she got into some "pretty bad things." "I strived to drink the most. I strived to be the rowdiest...all this silly stuff. That didn't seem like a very good idea, but at the time that was what I thought was gonna make me cool. I wanted people to like me."

"I had spiraled into this depression and into this place that was just real dark. I was at this contest, and I was staying by myself. I spent the morning writing about how I didn't want to live anymore and how it wouldn't even matter. Snowboarding's still going great from the outside perspective. My life's great. I've got it made. I'm living the dream, but on the inside I'm dying. I'm standing at the bottom of the pipe."

Clark goes on to describe the events that transformed her life that day. "This girl comes down, and she's crying 'cause she fell on both of her runs and she didn't qualify. This other girl goes up to her, [and] I'm standing there. They didn't know anybody was listening. She was like, 'Hey, it's all right. God still loves you.' I was blown away. If there's a God who loves me, like, I need to know Him."

"She was staying in my hotel, and I found out what room number she was in. So that night I went to her room and knocked on her door. So she told me about having a relationship with Jesus, and she started telling me that was what it was about. My Creator wanted a real relationship with me, and He loved me very much."

"I gave my life to the Lord that day. It was pretty cool. The Lord really apprehended me at that point."