Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ryan Proctor (Unusual Soldier)


Ryan Proctor (Michigan)
Ryan and I had a great time hanging out and boarding this weekend. I am amazed at this guys faith in Christ. Some receive Christ and have little life change, but as for my engineer buddy Ryan, he has grown in leaps and bounds since his coming to Christ four years ago.

Hear are the bullet points of Ryan's life:

- Mom and Dad divorced when he was 15
- Alcohol and weed were just a normal apart of life
- Atheist who loved to Skateboard and party with his fraternity brothers
- Joined a rock band that played in Detroit nightclubs
- Became an automobile engineer in Marysville, Michigan
- His wife Tina urged him to go to church for the sake of their kids
- Ryan began going to Colonial Woods Missionary Church
- Ryan went to Pastor Stan's Sunday School class
- Ryan prayed with me a year later to accept Christ on a soccer field
- Ryan quit the band and began helping out on a worship team
- Ryan self taught himself and began teaching the college Sunday School class
- Ryan leads four skateboarders to Christ at an outreach
- Ryan and Tina adopted a nephew in a troubled situation
- Ryan and Tina grow deeper in God when one of their sons is diagnosed with CF
- Ryan and Tina have four sons (ages 15,7,5,3)
- Ryan and Tina decide their house is not full enough, and decide to adopt two girls from Liberia (ages 11 and a baby). They will be flying to Africa next month.

This past weekend I hit the slopes with Ryan and some of his frat brothers and I was amazed and how often Ryan brought up God in our conversations. Ryan and his wife are taking love to the extreme. He is undeniably a great friend and a true UNUSUAL SOLDIER.